I currently live in southern England with 3 Malamutes, 2 cats and a husband.

So a brief history of how we got interested in Malamutes ( or maybe that should be obsessed with ? )

I have always loved all animals and as a child had various pets and can't remember a time when I haven't owned a pet, However I was never allowed a dog ( Not that I'm bitter you understand ! )

I had always assumed when I got my own home I would have a dog, and never considered that it wouldn't happen.

Matt (My husband) always knew I loved animals and when we first got our house pretty much resigned himself to living among various animals. Eventually when we were settled enough I bought up the subject of getting a dog, We had never discussed which breed of dog we wanted to own, Just that it would be a large breed and so we started researching the breeds we liked.

As we were looking at the breeds Matt saw a picture of a Malamute and said he'd seen one when he was on holiday in America as a child and had always wanted one, I was thrilled as I also liked the breed ( This may have well have been the clincher when it came to getting married ! )

We started reading all we could on Malamutes, and stumbled on a possible problem. As a breed they generally aren't good with smaller animals. By this time we had a rabbit and had adopted 2 cats. Not to be put off we heard about discover dogs, an event at Earls court put on by the Kennel Club where you can meet various breeds and their owners. We went along with various breeds in mind so we wouldn't be upset if we found out Malamutes weren't right for us.

Well we never made it past the Malamutes ! We talked to one of the people on the stand ( And really can't thank you enough, whoever you are ! ) He explained that yes they aren't good with other animals, but they can learn to get along, But they may not ! If not you will have to keep them separated at all times. Our cats pretty much lived upstairs anyway, so keeping them separate wouldn't be too much of a problem and our rabbit was kept upstairs anyway as we had foxes in the area. It then dawned on me I might actually be able to get my dream dog !

That was a while ago now, and we have owned Malamutes for over 9 years now ! Where does the time go ! Through the dogs we have made some great friends, and enjoy spending time with them and the dogs at malamute events, be they shows, fun days, back packing walks,rallies or seminars.

I have been to the AMCA National dog show in the USA twice, and hope to go to many more !

If you are thinking of getting a malamute, please see the Breed info & Breeders page for a few things to consider.
Please do contact us below if there is anything you want to know, want help with or just want to chat about Mals !

Jo & Matt Haywood

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